FTRP002: Out-Or – Footq EP


FTRP002: Out-Or – Footq EP
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Out-Or is a creator and experimenter of synthesizer and computer based music. His musical career started in early 1990s with primitive tools like Russian synthesizer Polivoks, which was soon replaced with Atari and other digital tools. His music is a combination of old school rave vibrations mixed with nowadays experimental groove.

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FTRP001: David Firstly – Splashy EP


FTRP001: David Firstly – Splashy EP
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David Firstly makes music about modern/virtual fear at the moment. He enjoys personal journeys in which you survive fear and turn a nightmare into your destiny. He stays indoors and don’t walk the streets because of the haunted people. If you look closely you can see they are mutants who cant even smile. They could infect you easily with their guilt and deadly fears.

Tracks are available via iTunesJuno Download, BandcampAmazon etc.